Exam Technique – Lower School

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This is for L1st to L3rd. I’ll give you a hard copy of the advice and guidance below, but just in case you lose it (What Sir? Me Sir? Yes, you) here is a copy of what is expected of you in the examinations after 1/2 term.

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Y12 – Background reading, F Scott Fitzgerald

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thought you might like a set of direct links to some Fitzgerald background reading. In fact, it would be an excellent idea to read a couple of short stories, and perhaps memorize a quotation or two. I would warn you, do not spend a great deal of time on other works in your essays – you can easily find yourself going off track, and wasting valuable time, so limit it to where it will be useful, and use sparingly. However, you can certainly get across that you are aware of Fitzgerald’s other works pretty easily.

Click through for links and more info.

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So what is a poem?

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Poems don’t have to be long. Or rhyme. Or very much really. But they can still be beautiful.

This is definitely a poem.

creampuff via an extremely circuitous route via penllawen.

Homework, Y8: A Collaborative Poem

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You are going to write me an epic poem, with each of you contributing two pairs of lines over the next week. Your first task is to write, in the comments, two lines which follow on from what has been written.

Instructions after the jump:

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Homewrok, Y7: An Epic Poem telling of Ged and his Shadow

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Imagine that you are writing the lyrics for a song, telling of the last voyage of Ged on his way to defeat his Shadow. Write me a three stanza (verse) poem, of four lines per stanza, recounting the tale of the final battle between the two.

You might like to talk of Ged’s voyage out to meet his enemy – how did he get there? What was the journey like? You will also have to talk about the battle itself, how Ged “defeats” his shadow. Perhaps you might speak of the friendship between Ged and Vetch, and how they helped each other.

Make sure that you check your spelling and grammar, that the poem rhymes, and that it has a really good sense of rhythm. Other than that, enjoy!

Happy Easter!

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Life can be complicated, if you choose to make it so. Also, fun.

via While You Were Gone, Via Penllawen.

Animation Club – Simplicity

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Guys, you know how I always go on about simplicity being a good thing in animation?