Y12 – Background reading, F Scott Fitzgerald

thought you might like a set of direct links to some Fitzgerald background reading. In fact, it would be an excellent idea to read a couple of short stories, and perhaps memorize a quotation or two. I would warn you, do not spend a great deal of time on other works in your essays – you can easily find yourself going off track, and wasting valuable time, so limit it to where it will be useful, and use sparingly. However, you can certainly get across that you are aware of Fitzgerald’s other works pretty easily.

Click through for links and more info.

I have included links to plain text versions of the files in case you don’t want to download any new software, but I would recommend the epub versions, which means that you have to download a reader as well, such as Calibre, which can be found here. It will make your reading experience much more pleasant.

Those of you with iPhones and iPods Touch should definitely get the free Stanza program, which is an excellent way to get out of copyright works on the go, and has the complete works of Fitzgerald.

So, the links you need:

Epub readers: Calibre, and Stanza for Desktop and iPhone. I’ve used the first, and it’s pretty good, but can be slow. Haven’t tried out Stanza for desktop, but it looks pretty.

All Fitzgerald works on Project Gutenburg. Take your pick.
Flappers and Philosophers – I guess the one to go for here is “Bernice Bobs Her Hair”, which has themes which fit in very nicely, but feel free to read around. Plain text, or the better epub version.
Tales of the Jazz Age – again, you can see why this would be useful. “The Diamond as Big as The Ritz” is very different in tone, being a somewhat fantastical little tale, but in terms of wealth and covetousness, is a pretty good one for comparison and contrast. Plain text, and epub.


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