Homework, Y8: A Collaborative Poem

You are going to write me an epic poem, with each of you contributing two pairs of lines over the next week. Your first task is to write, in the comments, two lines which follow on from what has been written.

Instructions after the jump:

Some rules:

a) When signing up, use firstname.lastname as your username
b) Make sure that you read everything that has come before before setting down your lines – I will be watching out for those who are not continuing the story.
c) Using rhyming couplets – i.e. your pairs of lines must rhyme, but don’t have to rhyme with anyone else’s.
d) Give it rhythm – I don’t want lots of uneven lines, or lines which are far shorter than the rest. Try and keep it regular.
e)Make sure it makes sense – again, read everything that has come before, not just the last two lines.

And now, your subject.

“The Adventures of Bert, Mr Prestney’s Rabbit”

Remember, first half should be complete by Wednesday evening (i.e. you should have done the first of your pairs of lines, but not your second), the second half by Monday. Enjoy!


~ by mrprestney on April 27, 2009.

78 Responses to “Homework, Y8: A Collaborative Poem”

  1. Bert, he is a very cute little animal,
    but sometimes his behaviour is rather unusual

  2. he runs around and jumps all day
    but he is very different in a peculiar way

  3. sometimes this gets him in hurt
    but he always recovers because he`s Burt

  4. What to do next is down to Bert,
    What ever it is he has to be alert.

  5. Like a duck is cute, like a fox is sly,
    To be like these Bert needs a watchful eye.

  6. Bert keeps watch for enemies
    like birds, foxes and scary bees

  7. He once saw a fox.
    Her name was locks

  8. Bert attacked locks for all of the day,
    He chased and chased until she ran away.

  9. But then she came back
    And gave him a big whack

  10. he betrays his owners mostly everyday
    and thus this makes Burt the rabbit, go astray

  11. the next day he looked for food in his cage
    but mr prestney forgot to feed him and he was filled with rage

  12. And so Bert the rabbit ran away,
    On his own and lost all day,

  13. Bert the he was lost for ever and ever
    Then he met a squirrel called Trevor

  14. He never knew what to think
    But he started to link

  15. He never knew what to think at first
    then he started to link

  16. he had a huge brain
    that worked as fast as a bullet train

  17. he challenged trevor
    but winning, never

  18. but then he did beat trevor
    then believed he was clever

  19. Bart has neevr been on a train
    he’s always wanted to gain

  20. Bart has never been on a train
    but he has always wanted to gain

  21. So he ran to get a train
    butfell down the gap and is in pain

  22. The pain is becuase of the train
    poor old Bert fell down the drain

  23. And down the drain
    Bert felt much pain

  24. But Bert the rabbit is like a cat,
    he has 9 lives, and wears a hat.

  25. He somehow lived, and what a shame,
    His owner found the rabbit again.

  26. to end this Collaborative Poem
    RCW show ’em

  27. This is so undue.
    Just like the swine flu

  28. People next week are sending hygiene masks.
    So make sure you wear it and make your parents bask.

  29. I wonder if Bert has the swine flu,
    Putting him back in this poem would give us a clue.

  30. Maybe Bert’s survived,
    From swine flu, and he is alive!

  31. Maybe Bert was lucky and has survived,
    From the flu and is still alive! Yay!

  32. And so this poem continues,
    With Bert alive from the flu,

  33. so as the days go by, he reaches a point where he moves house,
    and he hates it, as inside their is a cunning mouse.

  34. What to do next, he dosent know,
    planning carefully, he has no choice but to go.

  35. the mouse said the bert could fly
    but oh what a lie

  36. The mouse then said Bert could swim
    That didn’t work and he hurt his limb

  37. And then i guess he sort of drowned, but he kept afloat by flailing around.

  38. And Bert survived that tough little guy, and he lived to see a few more years go by. Which is lucky for him after that swimming thing.

  39. So come on guys continue the story and please i beg you don’t put anything corny. Unless thats it and we’ve all done our bit that kudos Bert and have a nice trip.

  40. this experience scared Bert to tears
    but he always knew he could count on his peers

  41. So now Burt lives with his mum and his dad,
    Writing every day in his little notepad.

  42. bert’s feeling is never felt
    he is only a small pet

  43. Burt doesn’t live in luxury
    so he is always in misery

  44. Burt doesn’t live in luxury
    so he is always filled with misery

  45. So he runs all the way
    Back to the sea bay

  46. So Burt ran all the way
    Onto the far sea bay

  47. Where he enjoyed the beach full of sand,
    Which he had seen from far away beforehand

  48. now burt has arrived at faraway,
    he has an argument and was thrown away

  49. He deccided to go bacck
    But he didn’t follow the track

  50. Bert is feeling extreamely melencholy,
    So he goes back and decides to say sorry.

  51. So he goes back to the man and starts to dread,
    As soon as he arrives he gets slaped upside the head.

  52. Burt screams out saying that was the last TIME!!!!!!!!
    So he goes out and starts to commit some crime.

  53. So bert goes out and finds a gun,
    He goes back to the man to have a little fun.

  54. The man screams “sorry sorry i’ll make you a deal”,
    I’m so sorry to but PEEYYYWWWWW PWWYYYWWWWW (the gun fires 2 bullets)

  55. Bert started to pray
    As he was sprinting away

  56. He knew that was his fault
    so he ran like Usian bolt

  57. But after a while he got very tired,
    but his destination was what he desired.

  58. He found a ball on his way
    but then he was away

  59. Eventually he reached the place
    He was so red in the face

  60. Then he went really pale
    because he ate a small snail

  61. Then Bert got stabbed
    that made him mad.

  62. So he beat up the chav that stabbed him
    And continued his rampage while the sun was dim.

  63. But then a car hit him which he didn’t see
    And poor old Bert lost his memory

  64. So Bert started drinking to remember like wolverine until november when he remembered and went to find the car that hurt him.

  65. And when he found it he blew he blew it up and laughed maniacally then suddenly he promptly threw up. Yes bert the poor guy hurled and hurled then into a tight little ball he curled.

  66. and there was his sick, lying on the floor
    remainders on the food, he had eaten before

  67. and there was his sick, lying on the floor
    remainders on the food, he had eaten before

  68. oh, it was like a classic episode of skins,
    really bert, you should eating from bins.

  69. bert got up with lots of determination,
    but where was he to go in this vast nation.

  70. but suddenly, bert whole life flashed before him,
    and he wondered: surely this was because of my murderous sin.

  71. god was about to punish him
    then suddenly his whole world went dim

  72. The next thing Bert knew, he was back in his bed,
    and his owner lay next to him, never dead

  73. And so we draw this poem near to a close,
    Whilst Bert and Mr Prestney take a nice dose,

  74. And so we draw this poem to a close,
    Whilst Mr Prestney takes a nice dose,

  75. But to Bert it might have been a imagination,
    Which he thought was an abomination,

  76. Because how could Mr Prestney be alive,
    Unless Bert died by an attack from a bee hive,

  77. remember this poem sir? good year 8 timess!

  78. I remember this 3 years later… EPIC

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