Homewrok, Y7: An Epic Poem telling of Ged and his Shadow

Imagine that you are writing the lyrics for a song, telling of the last voyage of Ged on his way to defeat his Shadow. Write me a three stanza (verse) poem, of four lines per stanza, recounting the tale of the final battle between the two.

You might like to talk of Ged’s voyage out to meet his enemy – how did he get there? What was the journey like? You will also have to talk about the battle itself, how Ged “defeats” his shadow. Perhaps you might speak of the friendship between Ged and Vetch, and how they helped each other.

Make sure that you check your spelling and grammar, that the poem rhymes, and that it has a really good sense of rhythm. Other than that, enjoy!


~ by mrprestney on April 27, 2009.

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