Y7 Homework – Sample Comic Script

Morning gents.

As you know, your homework is to create a comic book script for your artist to review and, eventually, to draw. Here’s a link to an example comic book script – please follow this format when writing your own.

Some of the abbreviations that you can use to help you out:

– “Op” means the characer is speaking off-panel.
– “Thought” means the words should be lettered withina thought balloon.
– “Whisper” indicates that the words should be lettered to show a whisper.
– “SFX” is used to indicate any sound effects that should be “heard” within the panel.
– “Cap” indicateds that words should be written within a caption.

More tips’n’tricks after the break…

Try and remember the things that we talked about when writing your script – they’re all imporant!

Set it out panel by panel – this allows your artist to visualise how each panel looks, and what he should put into it.

So for each panel description:

1 – Describe How it Looks

You need to include all the W’s – Who, What, Where, When
Have a detailed description of the scene and the setup. As this is a visual excercise, I want to see lots of similes and visual metaphors here please – let your artist know what to draw!
Include any camera angles – is this a wide shot, or a close-up?
And remember – if this is the first time that we meet a character, you’re going to have to have a pretty long and detailed description for your artist…

2 – Dialogue

You might have the odd panel that is just an illustration, but in almost all cases, you’re going to have dialogue. Please, therefore, concentrate on making it good.
Remember, your artist has to fit all the words into the panel – so keep it pithy (short!) otherwise there will be no room for the drawing.

3 – Action!

It’s a comic book, so this is important! What is going on in the panel? remember, you can only really have a single action per person in each panel, so this should be pretty short and to the point, but here you can include any sound effects that you wish to have.
Secondly, what do we need when describing action? Adverbs, of course. I don’t want “Mr Soupbowl runs,” I want “Mr Soupbowl, sweating, runs quickly, like a hare.” Make it jump off the page!

Done all that? Phew! Now do it all again for the next panel…

Good luck chaps. I’m really looking forward to the finished product.


Mr P.


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