Animation Club: Oh. My. God.

Reference my post below on what you can do with a camera and some torches.

Now train some dogs extremely well, and add some sheep.


~ by mrprestney on March 24, 2009.

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  1. sir. i cannot get onto the VLE. something is blocking it so i will post my homework here. It is 2 A4 pages long. Font 12. Hope this is acceptable.

    Emotional PUNCH story
    By Joseph Davies
    There were three men walking down the street. Two were extremely merry and ale tankards half full in their hands. The third a much quieter fellow. They are on their way back to their homes after a good long night out at the tavern. How they cheered and swayed down the path when the quiet fellow fell.
    The others did not laugh at the others misfortune. They just picked him up and dusted him off. In appearance the two merry fellows were alike (for they were brothers) in their handsome brown locks of hair and tall muscle physique the other a small but wiry bloke who walked with a tense air in the midst of the others jolliness.
    Jack and James were singing merrily while Ben trudged along beside them. Ben was seething inside; Jack and James always did this! Every time the three went out with their pay cheques for the month they always blew the lot on alcohol and girls within the first three days and then they would ask for him to lend them money, which he would always being a good friend but he was becoming increasingly with the brothers ability to forget that money was owed.
    ‘You should be a bit more careful mate’. Said James as they lifted Ben off the ground with ease. “You could real’ hurt yourself bad sometime”.
    ‘Thanks’. Muttered Ben. He looked across the road and saw a pretty girl watching and giggling to himself. He smiled at her. ‘Howdy’. Said Ben.
    ‘Heya you wanna come in’? said the girl, ‘ I could take a look at that knee of yours, seems pretty bashed up’.
    ‘Thank you’. Ben accepted and walked towards the girl. Meanwhile the brothers had just realized what was happening through their merry singing. They follow Ben and take off their hats.
    ‘May we come in too pleeshh’? asked Jack
    ‘sure thing, make yaself at home’ replied the girl.
    ‘Watsh your name’? said James
    ‘ Jill, hey what you grinning at’? accused the girl looking at Jack.
    ‘ nothin’ said Jack.
    Ben had been watching over the conversation and could only feel alone. Jack and James got all the girls while he was left on his lonesome and no-one to talk to. Soon that will change Ben thought to himself. Soon that will change and then they will only be interested in me!
    End of chapter one
    Ben knew what he had to do to get anywhere in life and not be held back by Jack and James but as annoying as they were and how *perfect* they are in the eyes of girls they were. They were still his friends and had not done anything to actually hurt him. Ben could bring them to no harm. He did not hate them … yet.
    ‘ eh James’ Jack said, ‘ Ben don’t seem too happy James’.
    ‘ Well we done nothin’ Replied James, ‘ let’s go cheer the guy up’
    ‘ Oh do we have to’? complained Jack.
    ‘ Yes Come on’!
    Ben looked up at the others coming down towards him. ‘wha’ you want’?
    ‘O’ Nothin’ just come with us we wanna show you something’. Said James.
    And they led Ben down towards a small pond with rushes covering every edge, and sat on the soft grass. And they talked and laughed until it was near dark. They joked on the way back but one character did not participate as much as the others …
    He was certain of what he had to do. The high calibre pistol felt heavy in his back pocket. He knew when he’d do it. Right when they were walking home past the pond. That is where he would strike. Then he would be rid of the annoying little pest. Yes, yes it would all work then he could live without complications ever again.

    Ben was annoyed. James was up to his usual girl bait self and Jack was drinking excessively which wasn’t uncommon. Ben sighed. They must think I’m so weedy and un cool. They would probably turn me out onto the streets if they weren’t such nice fella’ s.
    They would never turn me out.
    ‘There they are. Walking past the pond. They are too nice. Its Him! He holds me back. Its time to end this!’
    A huge bang is heard and birds take flight from the trees, and James drops with a gun wound to the heart. Ben swirls round and rushes to his aid but it is too late.
    ‘ Who are you!? Why did you kill him?’ Ben yells.
    Jack emerges from the trees expecting to see Ben lying dead on the floor but when he see’s his own brother dead with an expression of mild surprise on his face he realises what he has done. ‘NO! No, no ,no. Thats wrong! NOO!’ sobbing he lifts the gun to his own head and pulls the trigger.

    Ben is left with two bodies for company and is friends are gone. He is alone.

    By Joe

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