Y7 Homework – Comic Book Treatment

Write me a treatment for your Comic Book Project. You are going to use this treatment to “pitch” your idea to a potential artist, so you will definitely need it for next lesson. You must submit it via the VLE< but also print it out and bring it along!
Much more information and tips afer the break…

So what is a treatment?

It’s simple, really. It’s a character and plot summary that you use to get people interested in your project- something that they can read quickly, which contains your basic ideas for the project. If you were pitching a film project, you might use one of these to get people interested in buying your script, or making your film. Alternatively, it might contain the key ideas for your next novel.

But Sir, what do I put in it?

that’s simple. I want:

One good paragraph of character description

This should give an outline of your main character, your main villain, and possibly the major supporting characters (don’t go overboard!). What are they like? How old are they? What sort of personality do they have? Is there anything that defines them and makes them special?

Two paragraphs of plot

This should be action focused, and should detail any plot twists or cliff hangers. You should make this sound exciting, but you don’t need to go into massive amounts of detail (I don’t need to know what colour underpants your hero has…). Remember your basics of storytelling – a beginning, a middle and an end is important.

What should I try and include?

Remember the work that we have done on heroes through the ages.You need to decide on the following:

What kind of archetype is s/he?

A God-figure? A Knight? A Magician? A Wandering Warrior?

What is his/her origin?

How does he get his powers? What about parents and mentors?

Strengths and weaknesses?

Remember, strengths do not have to be super-human – it could be intelligence and bravery, as much as super-speed or super strength. Weaknesses are just as important, or your hero will be too powerful, and so boring.

And Finally…

I want you think carefully about your treatment (a mindmap would be a brilliant way to start off…), but the finished piece should be concise. Your artist should be able to read it in a couple of minutes, but still understand the whole concept that you’re trying to sell. A difficult thing to do, trust me, but worthwhile!

Good luck!


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