Y8 Homework – Describing Character

This week’s homework is all about describing characters in the novel – and justifying your decision. It’s not enough in literary criticism because that’s what you are doing) just to say you feel a certain way about somebody, or something that happens, in the book – you have to supply evidence to back it up. This grid is going to help you.

Click through for hints and tips, and the grid that I want you to use.Download the following, print it out, and fill it in.

Face – Describing Character

So, what are the dos and donts of this homework?
Firstly, make sure that your descriptions are exactly that. If I had asked you what you can tell about, say, Martin’s appearance, I don’t want you to tell me exactly what he was wearing. That goes in the “Quotations” box. What I want you to do is give me your impressions of him. for example (and this is obviously not correct, so don’t copy it…)

Martin is really geeky. He clearly doesn’t care about his sense of dress, and he shows this by being scruffy all the time, with clothes that don’t fit him and are really old. His friends all laugh at him for the way he dresses, and I think that they all pity him.

Do you get the idea? What I don’t want is;

Martin wears brown sandals, jeans that are too short for him, and a cowboy hat. I don’t know what kind of t-shirt he wears.

Secondly: Please provide at least two quotations to support your argument in each case.

and lastly,

Thirdly: Write this as things are before Martin has the accident.

Good luck, chaps. Enjoy!


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