Are You Now Or Were You Ever? – Arthur Miller on McCarthyism

For those of you who wish to extend your reading on Miller and McCarthyism, you might like to read through the following article, which Miller himself wrote for the Guardian/Observer online in 2000.

I suppose we rapidly passed over anything like a discussion or debate, and into something quite different, a hunt not just for subversive people, but for ideas and even a suspect language. The object was to destroy the least credibility of any and all ideas associated with socialism and communism, whose proponents were assumed to be either knowing or unwitting agents of Soviet subversion.

A fascinating insight into the circumstances surrounding the creation of the play. It’s quite an advanced read, but if you are interested in really getting under Miller’s skin on the subject, it’s invaluable.

From the Guardian/Obderver Online, via The University of Pennsylvania . A Word formatted version of the text can be found here, with some questions at the bottom to get you thinking about what Miller has said.


~ by mrprestney on February 11, 2009.

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