The Crucible: McCarthyism and “The Red Scare”

Senator Joseph McCarthy
Your homework tonight is a research project on the background to one of the central themes of The Crucible, McCarthyism, and the so-called “Red Scare”. This was the second such period in american history to earn the name, and is of vital importance to our understanding of the play – Miller goes some way towards making it overt in his notes to the reader.

Instructions and hints after the break.

Below is a list of names and topics that you need to include and explain in your research. Your essay will have to be at least 700 words to do the topic any kind of justice.

Republican Women’s Club of Wheeling, West Virginia
House Un-American Activities Committee
J. Edgar Hoover
“Fifth Amendment Communist”
Hollywood Ten
The Waldorf Statement
Army-McCarthy Hearings
John Henry Faulk
Joseph Welch
George Marshall
Relationship between Arthur Miller and Elia Kazan

Do not use Wikipedia as your only resource – while this is a fine place to start, please spread your net wider to glean fresh and accurate information. Please type this up, and feel free to use photographs and illustrations to make it more interesting.


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