Y7 Homework – A Newspaper Article on The Green Knight’s Challenge

Your homework is to write a newspaper article on the Green Knight’s Challenge, concentrating on the events from his entrance to his picking up his head and walking out of the hall. Now remember, you have four days to do this, so I want to see lots of good stuff…

Click through after the diagram below for more information (Click on it to make it bigger…)

Remember that you need to use the triangular structure that we discussed in class. As I mentioned, the ways to get a good mark in this exercise are:

1. Use this structure to draw the reader in to your article

2. Make sure you have checked for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors

3. Make sure that you give all the relevant details in a formal, newspaper style. Make it interesting, but not too chatty (don’t overdo the exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Some ideas to help you:

1. Did the reporter witness the events himself, or is he relying on the eyewitness accounts of others? If so, you might need to report the interviews.

2. Remember, the first one is a summary, and should be sufficiently interesting to to keep me reading.

3. Have you got a central point to each paragraph? I need to know all the relevant information, but keep it simple for me – one paragraph for each point.

4. Don’t forget the final paragraph. What does the whole thing mean? What Is going to happen in the future? What does it mean for Sir Gawain? Or maybe what does it mean for King Arthur and his court? The possibilities are endless!

Have fun guys! Look forward to seeing the finished articles.


~ by mrprestney on November 24, 2008.

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