Y9 Homework – Slogans

This homework is a two parter, so read the instructions carefully:
1a) Find a slogan that you consider to be effective. I’ve listed some of the things we went over in the lesson after the break to help you, so click through for more information.
 b)Write a paragraph explaining exactly why it is effective. I want a real explanation here – not just “It’s catchy”, but “It’s catchy because there is a strong internal rhythm to the phrase, and the rhyming words lay stresses on the important parts of the message.” CAn you see the difference between the two levels of analysis here? Good!

2)Write three slogans for Whitgift School. Importantly, you need to use the same principles that you have identified in your previous paragraph to actually write your slogans – if you have picked a slogan because it rhymes, then make sure that your Whitgift slogans rhyme. If the one you’ve picked is funny, make yours funny. Top marks will only be given to those who have successfully mimicked the techniques that they have identified! Identify your favourite, the one that you think matches these techniques most closely.

Click through for ideas on what makes good or bad slogans.

Hallmarks of a good slogan:








 Hallmarks of a bad slogan








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