GCSE Homework – Vultures

Essay title: “Compare the ways people are presented in “Vultures” with the ways people are presented in one other poem.”


Click through for more information and crucial tips.


Here you go, guys, an actual past paper question – you’ve fought your way through most of the poems in the Anthology, so it’s time to have a crack at something substantial.


You’ll notice that the question, as all the questions in this paper tend to be, is quite wide open, which allows for a full range of marks depending upon the ability of the candidate. To get a decent mark, however, you’ll have to have both good ideas, and good essay technique. So, what I’m looking for in this piece:


  1. A Plan.  Make sure that you write this before you write the essay – I will be able to tell. I want a point and an example for each paragraph included in your plan.

  2. An Introduction. You need to tell me which other poem you have chosen to write about – take a moment to think of one that shares some themes with Vultures, or where the themes contrast strongly. Remeber to read the question: it needs to be about “how people are presented.”

  3. Structured Paragraphs. Remember, one point per paragraph – Now go back to this link on how to construct a paragraph and follow it on every paragraph that you write. It will get you a solid mark.

  4. A Conclusion. You need to bring your argument to conclusion, tying up your various points into a considered ending. You’ll be tired by this stage, so go back, read through your plan and your essay to check that a) it makes sense and b) you are sure you’ve got it clear what you wanted to say. Then you’re ready to write your conclusion.

“Last point – remember that you are comparing the poems – do this for each point you want to make. Don’t just write an analysis of one poem, then an analysis of another, without linking the two.


Have fun…


~ by mrprestney on October 14, 2008.

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