GCSE – Constructing a Paragraph *updated*

A brief, four-part framework for constructing a paragraph around a point that you want to make. I would print this out and stick it in your books, and refer to it when you do your written work.essay writing.jpg

1 – Point

This is where you lay out your stall, and tell the examiner in no uncertain terms the point that you wish to make, e.g.“Island Man is full of images that have more than one meaning.”

2 – Example

Give an example, i.e. “quotation”. This is very, very important – if you do not show evidence for your point, you will be in a lot of trouble. You may have the best point or idea in the world, but you’ll get a very low mark if you don’t back it up with some evidence.

3 – Explanation

Explain how your quotation backs up your point. Again, very important, as this will let the examiner understand your point of view, and give you marks accordingly. In our example above, you would explain the different meaning that your quotation has.

4 – Link

You’re nearly done, but you’ll need one final part to get top marks – you’ll need to explain why the poet has used this particular device. For example, in our “Island Man” scenario, you have made a point, backed it up with a quotation, and explained how it works, so the last thing to do would be to explain why the poet includes this double meaning. What is her intention, and how does it enhance the poem?

And there you go – a good, solid paragraph. Now sit back and have a cup of tea.


– you might like to download this, which contains much of the information above, and also has a sample response on the first page.


~ by mrprestney on September 13, 2008.

One Response to “GCSE – Constructing a Paragraph *updated*”

  1. thanks for the PEEL stuff sir, it was extremely usefull in my latest essay =)

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