Poster Campaign – War

Homework: Create either a jingoistic or anti-war poster. The conflict in question can be the First World War, or more contemporary (or controversial). Vietnam, Georgia or the Gulf Wars would make good subjects.

You don’t need to agree with the sentiments you’re portraying – take a look after the break for ideas and things to think about when creating your poster.

The following are all important, and will need particular thought when creating your poster.

What is the message? Remember that the whole point of a poster is to get across a strong message as succinctly and clearly as possible.

Strong imagery. A poster must be arresting, and have instant impact, and the image is going to be your principal method of delivering that message.

Slogans. You may wish to have supporting text, but the slogan will carry most of your meaning.

This might be very simple and easy to understand (See the “Uncle Sam” poster below), or may have an alternative meaning, which requires a bit of thought from the reader (“The Army Builds Men”). How subtle is your message, and which is more effective for your purposes?

Remember: This isn’t just an exercise in creating a poster. Just like a poem, it’s about conveying a message.

This means you have a number of tools at your disposal, so use the ones that fit your message. How about humour? Imagery? Wit? Shock value? Colour? Familiar images presented in a different way?

EDDB9778-5078-470E-8A33-1C117F07F681.jpg army_builds_men.jpg

What do you want to say?


~ by mrprestney on September 5, 2008.

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