GCSE – Are lyrics poetry?

Post in the comments below the lyrics of a song that you consider to be poetry – just include the title and the lyrics, not the artist at this point.
Your homework is to write a short essay (three paragraphs or so) justifying your choice. Include your lyric, the title of the song, and the artist at the beginning of your essay. What elevates your choice from “lyrics” to something that stands as “poetry”, independently of the music?

See after the break for some things to consider.


Consider some of the following:

• Themes

• Metaphor

• Metre

• Rhyme

• Complexity

• Double meanings

• Alternative readings

• Ambiguity

• Effect on the reader

(You might find this helpful: What is Poetry?)

and remember:

• A good poem lies somewhere beyond mere words

• Any poem that can be completely understood or paraphrased is not a poem


~ by mrprestney on September 4, 2008.

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